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Why is it more ethical for someone to tell all their friends (who presumably tell all their friends, etc.) that Mr. Bad Top is bad news, v. posting a journal entry saying “Mr. Bad Top is bad news”? As far as I can see, if Mr. Bad Top is innocent, he’s in a better position in the…


i wrote this early on my facebook and i mean it now more than ever:

“If the Olympics represent the glory of human physical perfection, then the women and men of NASA’s J.P.L. represent the glory of human intelligence!”

folks, we just shot a PLUTONIUM POWERED ROBOT the size of a SMALL CAR over 350 MILLION MILES of SPACE towards a CONSTANTLY MOVING OBJECT and lowered it down using JETS AND A FUCKING SKY CRANE and HIT THE TARGET!  and THEN, got pictures back from it, of ANOTHER FUCKING PLANET, in NEAR REAL TIME!

if that doesn’t fucking amaze you then i just feel sorry for you.


(well done women and men of NASA’s JPL! well done!)